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After being frustrated with working close to 100 hours per week (at 3 different jobs) Justin went to Google one late night in 2008 (after having a bad day at work), and started searching for ways to make money online.

His first 3 months as an online entrepreneur were not all that promising. He was bombarded with distractions, and bought nearly every “make money online” course he could afford. He blew through his entire life savings (around $30,000) and had NOTHING to show for it. That’s when he realized that something had to change. His back was against the wall, and it was time to get serious.

He hired a mentor, they put together a plan, and he got to work.

91 days later, Justin had sold over $100,000 worth of stuff on the internet, and quit all 3 of his corporate jobs. He then started creating his own products, and since then he has grown his business to nearly $2 Million dollars in sales.

He has helped thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs from all over the world get better results in their online businesses, with a few clients making over $100,000 by implementing what they learned from him.

Brenda Gagne got started online as just a way to earn some extra money for her family.  She had resigned from her job as an elementary teacher so she could stay home with her 3 little girls, but their finances were getting tough.  So she began from scratch teaching herself, learning and implementing everything she possibly could about online marketing, in the little time that she had during the day.  Yet, from just a few hours a day while her kids were at preschool, or taking a nap, she eventually worked her way up to success.

After becoming a top earner in her company, and sharing her success strategies, she got back to her teaching roots and began coaching other aspiring entrepreneurs who were struggling to find their true success online.  She has created many digital training courses teaching various skills such as online marketing strategies, personal development techniques, and time management skills.

She has been training, speaking and personally coaching home based business owners for the past few years.  She has a knack for recognizing what’s holding people back from their success, and helping them take the steps needed to move forward.
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